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What basic information will the auction representative require when I call to obtain fair market value information?

Year, Make, Model, Trim level, options and options packages (if known), current odometer reading, condition of vehicle (excellent, good, average, below average), accident history.

Example: 2001 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro, Premium Package, Winter Package, Celebration Package, Blue exterior, tan leatherette interior, 180,000KM, average condition for year and mileage.

What if I believe my vehicle is worth substantially more than the fair market value discussed with the auction?

See definition of fair market value, question and answer 4) below. We want everyone to benefit from our public auction and national buyer base.  We believe that the fair market value provided is accurate to a reasonable level of probability based on historical transactions. Our intent is to ensure sellers and buyers can meet with similar expectations in a fair market environment, driven by competitive bidding.

Will the auction need any additional declarations or information to be able to sell my vehicle?

Yes, we will also need current confirmation that there are no outstanding liens against your vehicle as well as a current CarProof (www.CarProof.com) report.  The auction will secure both of these on your behalf (fees apply). The auction will also need you to complete a vehicle consignment agreement, which you can view, pre-populate and print directly from the http://kelownarepo.com website prior to dropping your vehicle off. In the consignment agreement, you will be asked to supply detailed information about your vehicle’s history and condition. You are required by law to provide all known information about the vehicle.

What does fair market value mean?

Fair Market Value is the current average selling price for similar vehicles in Wholesale and Public Auctions. There are seldom two used vehicles that are exactly the same, so we will do our best to provide a range that you could reasonably expect your vehicle to sell for at our auction.  This range is NOT a guarantee. You will need to provide a minimum selling price (called a Reserve) that you agree to sell the vehicle at once bidding reaches or surpasses that amount.

What happens if my vehicle sells for more than the Reserve (Minimum Selling Price)?

Congratulations and enjoy the success Okanagan Remarketing Centre has provided you! The Auction will only charge the seller fees agreed upon in the consignment agreement.

Should I have the vehicle professionally cleaned before bringing to the auction?

Presenting your vehicle in the best possible light is highly recommended if you would like the maximum possible selling price. The vehicle should be clean (at a minimum all of your personal belongings must be removed, vehicle should be de-trashed, vacuumed, washed and wiped). If you are comfortable with doing a little extra cleaning yourself, you should. Okanagan Remarketing Centre offers several different cleaning packages for you, from basic wash and vacuum, to a full reconditioning process which includes window clean, shampoo carpets and seats, wash exterior, dress tires, waxing and mechanical buffing of paint.

Should I fill up the gas tank before dropping off the vehicle at auction?

No, this is not necessary. You should however, ensure there is at least a quarter tank of gas in your tank. Your vehicle will need to be moved around on our property and through our auction lanes. Should the vehicle run out of gas while it is in our possession, we will charge a service fee to ensure it has enough fuel to make it through the auction lane.

What happens if the minimum selling price is not achieved, and I want to remove my vehicle from the property?

No problem. You will need to inform auction employees that you would like to do this after the event. You will be responsible for paying any fees agreed to during the check-in process at the auction (if any). Once these fees are paid, you will receive a gatepass, which you will need to present to security prior to being allowed to remove your vehicle from the property.

I have an old stereo that I would like to sell in the auction – can I do this?

Our Auction consignment focus is squarely on our strength – serving the automotive industry. You will not find perfumes, paintings and mattresses in our public auctions. Unfortunately, we do not accept stereos and various household items from the public at this time. We will, from time to time, sell various items on behalf of institutional partners who require special services or auction events.

I have an expensive classic / collector car/truck in fully restored condition that I now want to sell; can you feature it in your auctions?

Yes, we love classic / collector cars, trucks and luxury vehicles. Contact the auction and ask to speak with the sales manager to see if there is an opportunity to feature your vehicle before and during our next auction event.