Arbitration Policy


ORC offers an arbitration service to assist Buyers and Sellers in resolving disputes regarding representation of a particular vehicle or potential mechanical shortcomings.

What Arbitration Eligible?

  1. The only vehicles which are subject to arbitration policies are those which sell for greater than $4,000 and also have less than 160,000 km on the odometer.
  2. Major mechanical defects that would cost individually $750 or more to remedy based on manufacturer established standard rates.  These individual defects would be those involving transmission, engine and major power train issues.
  3. The auction will allow arbitration for an incorrect or missed provincial declaration for a period of 3 days from the date of the sale.  These would include items such as:
    • EX Rental or Lease
    • Emergency, police or taxi
    • Odometer broken or inaccuracies
    • Structural damage
    • Accident over $2,000 (ICBC  Vehicle Damage History)
    • Previous registration outside of British Columbia
    • EX-USA vehicles
  4. All Bank, Finance, Government, Bankruptcy, Repossessed Vehicles and all vehicles sold with an odometer which is broken or declared True Mileage Unknown are sold strictly “AS IS”
  5. Any announced defect is NOT subject to arbitration
  6. Any obvious issues such as engine smoke or obvious mechanical defect that was announced cannot be arbitrated.  The following items are not subject to arbitration:
    • Visible rust
    • Visible body damage
    • Axle and CV joints, drive shafts
    • Tires, brakes, suspension, clutch and cooling assemblies, heater core, power steering, exhaust, springs shocks and suspension
    • Rack and pinion steering
    • Air conditioning
    • Windshields or other glass
    • Upholstery, headliners, matts
    • Engine smoke, noisy lifters, head gaskets
    • Boats, motorhomes, motorcycles and special interest vehicles are sold “AS IS” unless sold specifically with a Seller’s Guarantee
    • Vehicles sold “AS IS”

***** Arbitration policies are subject to change at any time and customers must ensure they keep themselves informed of the auction’s up to date policies ******