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How to Sell at Okanagan Remarketing Centre

We make selling simple !!! Our corporate clients have us hold their vehicles in our secure compound, however, for all other individuals there is no need for us to consign your vehicle. We let the power of our premier marketing tool do all of the work for you. It is no different than using a system such as Auto Trader to sell your vehicle for you except for our system gets quick auction results. Turn that vehicle into cash quickly and efficiently while still having access to your vehicle until it is sold.

You simply call us to have one of our agents come to your home or workplace to complete a quick 20 minute inspection on the vehicle. We use these details to list and market the vehicle on our site. You are obligated to disclose all declarations on your vehicles such as accident and out of province history. We require you to pay a small inspection fee along with a Carproof report fee which we will activate and link to your listing on your behalf. This will provide prospective buyers with all accident, registration and lien history. Once the vehicle is sold at a price you agree to, we will arrange to pick up the vehicle and present you with a check for the sale proceeds prior to removing the vehicle form your possession.

You should ensure you have the following items when selling your vehicle:

  • Valid Registration
  • Drivers License or other photo identification showing you are the registered owner of the vehicle
  • All keys and key remotes for the vehicle
  • Any repair bills, vehicle history slips that you may have (These can all help build confidence with potential buyers)

Please consider the cosmetic condition of your vehicle. We offer a variety of cleaning options. History shows that clean cars sell more frequently and for more money.  You may also want to consider doing an optional pre-sale inspection on the vehicle.  If you are confident in your vehicle’s condition, this will help drive the bidding price higher.  We will do an inspection on the vehicle prior to the auction and notify prospective bidders of the results on our listing.  We would ask that any customers wishing to have their vehicle inspected prior to auction should have the request to us by the preceding Monday at the latest.

When engaging us to list and market your vehicle, please ensure you are familiar with all the terms and conditions of the Auction.  They are available on our website.  You should also be familiar with all fees associated with the sale of your vehicle.  Staff can advise you of this or you may also consult the website for a full listing of this under “Sell Fees”. 
Auction Seller Tips:

  • List your vehicle as early as possible the week of the auction.
  • Detail your vehicle – Clean Cars Sell !!!
  • Be sure to advise the auction of all declarations.  Price your vehicle to sell.  Keep in mind this is a wholesale auction.
  • Good Sellers build great reputations !!!

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