Auto Swap

Auto Swap – Saves Time and Saves Taxes

What is the purpose of AutoSwap?

We created AutoSwap with the intent of assisting those customers who are in the market for an auction vehicle but need to sell their own vehicle first.  We realize that selling your vehicle at our auction and waiting until the following Thursday to receive your check may put you in a tough situation.  You require transportation immediately following the sale of your vehicle and this is where AutoSwap comes in.

We auction off your current automobile and receive a firm sale amount for your automobile.  We in turn will issue you a voucher on the spot that you can use toward the purchase of any other auction vehicle from that auction sale.  Your voucher will be valued at the price the vehicle sold for less any seller fees deducted from the proceeds.  This voucher will act just like cash when you go and pay for your new auction vehicle.  No waiting until the next week for your sale proceeds.

There is also a huge tax savings advantage to doing this.  We will treat your sold vehicle as a trade in vehicle toward your new purchase.  Therefore, you will only pay tax on the difference in price if the purchase price is higher than the amount you sold your vehicle for.   If the purchase price is the same or less, there will be no taxes owing.

What if I purchase a less expensive vehicle?  No problem – We will do up all of the paperwork, get you on the road and you will receive a check for the difference written back to you.

Once we do up your paperwork under AutoSwap all you need to do is Drive Away in your new automobile.  You can forget about the stress of selling your old car and arranging paperwork on your new one.   AutoSwap does it all for you in one convenient location.